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Keitha Horn and family, 

Thank you so much for such a wonderful dog!! I purchased “Morgan” from you on March 17. He was a puppy from Bella’s 1/14/2007 litter. I just wanted to write and give you an update on him and how he has been doing since coming to his new home. 

I should start by telling you that he is a dream come true. I have wanted a Weimaraner for about eight years now but wanted to finish college and get established, I was unsure that a puppy would fit in to my schedule then. I have been done with school now for about a year and decided it was time to get a puppy. Morgan has been with me for almost six weeks now and I cannot imagine life without him! He is a blessing and joy to have as part of my family. 

Morgan had a hard time adjusting to being away from his mommy and siblings but after several nights of adjusting to sleeping alone, he finally decided that he like his crate. He loves to cuddle with me for naps on the weekends, I have probably started a bad habit but he loves the bed (I am confident and fine with the fact that once he gets a bit older he will be a bed dog). He was also been very easy to potty train and after only three days he has had very few accidents. Morgan is a beautiful, well-mannered puppy! I could not have asked for a better dog. 

Morgan LOVES playing with his “friends” (his cousins Mattie (a miniature Sheltie) and Brock (a Boxer). He is so playful but we are also working to know the difference between a time to play and a time to be gentle. He is excellent with kids. Although I do not have children, he has learned to be gentle with my niece and nephew. Nataly, my three-year old niece, loves to give him kisses!! Hunter, my two-year old nephew, is fascinated with his teeth so every time he sees him he inspects his mouth and Morgan has never done anything but wag his tail. 

I have discovered that Morgan loves walks and car rides. We live within walking distance of a beautiful park with a dog trail and also live very close to Forest Park, so every chance we get we are playing or walking at the park. I secretly think that he loves them because everywhere we go people stop us to complement him. 

Last week was his first “official” vet exam and they raved on what a beautiful dog he is, everyone was very impressed with his great disposition and gentle manner. You will be glad to know that he received an A++ on health/condition. Morgan got all of his shots with great ease, fecal sample was negative, he weighted in at 27.2 pounds and once more they complemented his breeder. 

I again just wanted to say THANKS for such a wonderful dog. I could not have asked for a better dog and he is truly an addition to my family. I have created a link for my pictures of Morgan at, please enjoy watching him grow! 

Thanks Again, 

Erica Weiner

St. Louis, MO 

Hello, hello!

Maggie Mae just had her first birthday 2/05, so I thought I would send you an update.  :) She is the best dog in the whole world !!!
Maggie goes everywhere we go, she is great with horses, dogs, kids and cats.  She plays with our kitten and they sleep together!!! I haven't had the heart to tell them they are not the same species :) 
She fights with my daughter like they are siblings!!!
She had a check up at the vet's office today, and people stopped what they were doing to visit with her!!!!
She is beautiful, smart and kind.  
I would not have any other dog but a Weimaraner after having Maggie in our lives (though I do still call her Maggie the Monster on occasion)!! :) thank you for all of the time you gave us when I was so unsure !!
Happy day!
Allan K. Chalmers:
The grand essentials of happiness are: something to do, something to love, and something to hope for.

Kim Denton
4-H Program Assistant

I just wanted you to know a little about me so you won't have any fears about sending Sparky to me. He will live a active life hunting and training for AKC hunt tests. I have sent you photos of Zeke who I got from you 4 years ago. As you can see he is a good looking dog. He has his senior hunter and is working on his master hunter. I started late with him but he has come into his own. My dogs work hard but they get lots of love and are on record as the most spoiled dogs ever. I belong to The Valley of The Sun Weimaraner Club where they get to interact with other Weimies. We hunt quail here in Arizona and I travel to Nebraska and South Dakota each winter to hunt pheasant with my dogs. I am so excited about this puppy and I want to thank you again for sending him.

yours truly 

Hi Keitha,
     Just wanted to let you know about all the compliments we get about Priscilla.  The Vet we go to was so pleased with the records you send with the pups.  Everyone that sees Priscilla makes the same comment, "She is a gorgeous Weimaraner, where did you get her?  Her body build and coat are perfect".  
I am so pleased with her and you.  Thank you!  She is 12 weeks (today) and she is almost 100% potty trained, knows to sit on command and shake!
 I love her so much, it is as if I gave birth!

Hey Keitha,
I just wanted to send you a quick note letting you know Rucker is doing great. He loves the kids and the cats. He is a wonderful puppy, I could not ask for more. He enjoys the beach and long walks and loves going for a ride in the car. He is 38 lbs now at 20 wks. He will be going to get neutered in a couple weeks. He is a great addition to our family. Thank you very much. 


 Hey Keitha! Just wanted you to know that we have had Brooklyn for about a month and a half and can't remember what our life was like without him.  He is fun and gets along great with our other dog Chili.  He is beautiful and is growing fast!  He was definitely worth it. Marcus and I wanted to say thank you for opening up your beutiful home to us and allowing us to bug you and your family on 2 different occasions while we were deciding what to do.  Your facilities are amazing and your dogs are beautiful.  We were so comforted to see how well you take care of your kennels and the puppies while they are in your care.  You do a wonderful job and we have nothing but great things to say about you, your facility, and your dogs!  Thank you again, we love Brooklyn so much! I will keep you updated with more pictures, these are the ones taken within a week after he came home, he has grown a ton since then!
Shannon and Marcus Grisham

Hello Kietha,
I bought a puppy from you that arrived to me August 20th.  I have named her Sadie.  She is my life.  I instantly fell in love with her.  She is my baby.  I have to say that she is a handful, but that is to be expected with a puppy =) . She gets a lot great with the other five dogs in my house. I am assuming she felt right at home!! She can be a "bully" always pestering the smaller dogs.  It is so cute when she plays with them because she is getting so big!  I cannot believe how big she has gotten already!! She is almost 50 pounds!! I remember when I used to hold her like a baby she was so small! Now, I can't even pick her up!!! 

Right now, I believe her "hunting" hormones are kicking in. Ha ha.  She loves to chase squirrels.  Her and my other Weimaraner, Luna, are always on animal watch when they run around the backyard.  I can just imagine what spring is going to be like, OH boy!  

Overall, she is doing great.  She loves to go for car rides and loves to sleep right next to me in my bed.  It is adorable.  I have taught her so much and she has learned so much so far. She is great.  Possibly in the future i will be looking for another Weimaraner,and I will be sure to contact you!!

Thank you very much for this opportunity. I apologize for the long delay in email, I will email again though.  I have also attached some pictures from over the months. Sadie has changed my life!! and I cannot wait to live a happy and loving life with her by my side.  

Thank you again!! 

Hi Keitha,
 Four years ago we prayed that the Lord would find us a Weimaraner made just for us and He led us to your website. Thanking you again for being the answer to that prayer. Hanne has been such a blessing and we can't remember life without her. Just yesterday a customer at our grocery store told us how Hanne is so beautiful and the most perfect Weimaraner he's ever seem-wow!! Of course we think so but to hear someone else tell us that is pretty cool! So thank you again for investing so many years in raising wonderful dogs-not only great looking but great temperaments as well. 
 Have a wonderful Christmas and blessings in the New Year!!  Doug & Carol Smith

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Now that is has been a little over a year since we picked up Sophie from you, I thought I’d give you an update and say thank you again.
Sophie just passed the AKC CGC test last night, so first official title under her belt. We are working on agility at this point as well, and I hope to take her to her first competition this Fall. She has almost mastered the weaves, and all we have left really is the teeter. My only issues to this point has been in keeping up with her!!! She shows no fear in anything we do, and goes a thousand miles an hour no matter what. I think she is going to be a VERY good agility dog before long. Now that we have the CGC out of the way, we are going to work on getting the Therapy dog title, hopefully this Fall as well. It has been a lot of work, but we both enjoy it. Since she turned a year old, we started running together, and she is up to 20-25 miles a week with me now. 
Sophie has a perfect temperament. Very friendly, outgoing, playful, and fearless. Our vet says she is one of the best looking Weims she has seen in a while, and is amazed that she doesn’t display the normal “neurotic” behavior she sees in other Weims. She is certainly a lot to handle at times since she has so much energy, but we couldn’t ask for a better dog. Thank you again for maintaining such a good line of dogs. We will definitely be back to you for our next one.
Brad Gaunt, PMP
Product Manager – Enterprise and Emergency Messaging